@CapRadioNews @CapitolCorridor 527 nearly derailed just beyond Davis. We were in car 2

Nearly derailed on the way to work today. NBD. https://t.co/1LgUPC8NV5

RT @plataformatec: Elixir Radar Newsletter 77 https://t.co/uycLRFE6I3 #myelixirstatus Thanks to @recapsio @jimmbeaudoin @ryancswapp @peter…

Angel putting an angel on the tree

Just 30 short hours away https://t.co/XcJyuCM40f provides a great excuse to pick up a new programming language. #holidayhacking

12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory https://t.co/9IxWYOY5Vs

RT @plataformatec: Blog: Replacing GenEvent by a Supervisor + GenServer written by @josevalim #myelixirstatus https://t.co/DfWcBE3nNZ htt…

RT @codinghorror: Digital literacy never should have been about 'coding' -- we need to teach "don't believe things you read on the Internet…

A little engine rebuild winter project with my pops. #econoline

RT @kibblesmith: Your parents in 1996: Don't trust ANYONE on the Internet. Your parents in 2016: Freedom Eagle dot Facebook says Hillary i…

Take me back to nicer weather plz.

Seems the older I get, the greater my affinity for pajamas is. #datpjlifestyletho

Little Rossi fan! #vr46
Thanks kiddos! We missed you too
A never-ending sea of people
Actual XL beers. Cheap as hell too!
@marcmarquez93 ripping up practice. This course is amazing, and you can see every corner from our seats!
How do I haul this thing back home with me?!

@realDonaldTrump bring real change. Put Bill Nye in the seat for Secretary of Education.

This place was adorable! Great eats, drinks, and a killer view #thatsnotjenn

Elixir and IO Lists, Part 1: Building Output Efficiently: https://t.co/UoHFn6ZpwC

TMUX - The most magical utility in Linux. #agreed https://t.co/jMySjjyjQ0

RT @codinghorror: Wow. High end Chinese poker cheating device actually works https://t.co/Z5TaWzmbWy

#TrumpBookReport is my new favorite hashtag

10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes https://t.co/YKeluH7riE

Yay! The final version of The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook in print! Rocked the beta PDF way back it had maybe 3 c… https://t.co/10bhY1qNHg

Codewars announces Elixir support! Yassss!!!! https://t.co/sKO17yreiD

Elixir Video User Profile Service for the Olympics — Application teardown https://t.co/c8DZoXZeVF

RT @SlexAxton: "Airpods. Now you can lose them... One. At. A. Time."