Written in 2009 yet, and it's still one of the more common unit test mistakes I see https://t.co/N6dmOYhSH7

RT @scotty_13_: whoever’s bandersnatching my life can you pick the option where i drink more water and go to the gym i’m begging you

RT @paolamendoza: Last night I had a major epiphany about Bird Box. If you haven’t seen #BirdBox don’t read this. If you have please re…

@JGFerreiro @realDonaldKnuth New systems? I just keep an eye on it. Growing software is like gardening - you know w… https://t.co/iWpuyp21Yr

RT @dcexaminer: Mueller 'must be trusted' say GOP taskforce leaders in ending DOJ investigation https://t.co/E1RC5o1r3k

@JGFerreiro @realDonaldKnuth Yup! Except my magic numbers are three and five. Three completely different contexts o… https://t.co/cD6koZUDXS

@JGFerreiro @IronSkullet In a few months, buddy

What an awesome way to finish out 2018. With nothing but amazing tracks surrounding Drive, I can't express how hono… https://t.co/31TtfHY0SP

Miss you buddy

RT @tenderlove: Also, if you do DDoS as a service, does that make you a DDoSaaS?

I say this a lot, but... *in slim shady voice" Will the real duck-typing please stand up? https://t.co/y9IwzomnmE

Years later https://t.co/muACiaPPPO still slays me

RT @DimiKaye: I'll say it again and again : one of the best ways to support #synthwave artists is to include them in your #SpotifyPlaylists…

Finally feeling like winter
I want to meet this doubling fisting, breakdancing, aggressive, pregnant man. He sounds fun

Waching Jules describe the mountains he's planning on moving with SOUL is super exciting https://t.co/wNKc5vyPnd

Cut down our first Xmas tree!

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accoun… https://t.co/UWrpawRFFc

Sleep deprivation is my new best friend.

Coming home to no Jojo greeting was rough. Dammit, I miss you so much.

RT @MarcosBreton: Sacramento gets much love from ⁦@NYMag⁩ Explore the New California Cool in Sacramento, California #Sacramento https://…

Desayuno en la playa.
Dearest Jojo, You gave me kisses every night before bed and each morning when I woke without fail. When the kids were sick, you would check on them and provide comfort. You were Mason's pillow, Violet's heat blanket, and our first line of defense against a seamingly endless onslaught of squirrels and mailmen. Cancer took you from us tonight, and the hole left in our hearts is bigger than we could possibly imagine. I love and miss you so much. #fuckcancer
Zoom zoom zoom
I'm thankful for clean air
I'm weak 🤣🤣🤣
Impromptu family getaway