Impromptu family getaway

RT @synthbot83: This is probably one of the coolest syntywave EPs you will hear all year! Don't embarrass yourself or your family by not pi…

@flyosity @DoctorNora @bradyparker Pretty cool how he put the burden of truth on you. What a clown.

@sandimetz @unclebobmartin This and the magic tricks of testing changed my life. Thank you @sandimetz

Lift kit and wheels are next on the list

RT @michaelgmiller: Can someone please tell him how mail works?

RT @tomterrific: Pumped to announce Eventbrite Music, our new solution for independent venues, promoters and festivals. Many people made th…

This is Jojo. Jojo gives me a snuggle before bed and one when he wakes up. Be more like Jojo. #loveeachother

RT @passantino: Shep Smith on the migrant caravan: "There is no invasion. No one is coming to get you. There is nothing at all to worry abo…

Feeling that turkey spirit
2018 Sikh Parade
Goodbye, Prius; Hello, boat hauler
I keep thinking about this cool ass COE

This still resonates with me after all these years. #tdd4life

@smarty I don't think a head can explode more than once?

RT @danthebeast: If you’ve ever wondered why so many actors/entertainers/musicians/comedians are liberal, it’s because the hallmark of thei…

I still can't get over how great this is #wholesomememes

Don't threaten me with a good time.

RT @OllieWride: T o m o r r o w . . . “Never Live Without You” 🕺🏼♥️

@bobbilee19 Throw some carrots in that thing

RT @FillWerreI: When Chicken Nuggets are life

RT @WillsBeard: Also shout out to the mans @TylerRichMusic. A very long journey came to a head today when he released his first major label…

Celebrating Eventbrite's IPO #EBgoeslive #nyse

@lacroixwater I can't be the only one that can't stand this.

You know you love your job when you dream about working all weekend. #isittechnicallyovertime #newprojectsyoucompleteme

Here's to the big five Mason! Happy birthday!

RT @igrigorik: "Google Search is now using Service Worker to cache repeated searches, loading results twice as fast":…