Saturday is woodworking day #vannin #vanlife
So happy to have this old bird back! #vannin #classiccars #fomoco #vanlife
Few things are cooler than watching Violet ride under her own power
My favorite part of returning home from a long day in the city is seeing tower bridge and that stupid boat
Happy Birthday A!
Violet had fun at her recital. I think she even smiled at one point 🤣

@TheMidnightLA you guys inspire me quite a bit!

New synthwave smoothness to start your summer. Check out the video: #synthwave #vaporwave #chillwave #retrowave #retro
Good times were had this weekend
When you're heading home with a new toy
Lighting done!
Working on turning this burnt out linear accelerator into a decoration for @wayonaise
New whip
Oh Mexico. You are so cute

I calculated wrong - sorry, I hit my head pretty hard. Here's the full scoop: Admitted through emergency entrance,…

In case anyone was wondering, in Mexico, a couple of stitches and a prescription of amoxicillin costs $12 USD

@aaronpastle Weird tech interview

@Harry_Styles I remixed Sign of the Times into a synthwave track hope you dig it

Real jelly of the folks heading to @railsconf right now.

@pragdave How are you liking it so far?

@sfrench Inspired is not a term I would attach to kid rock

@sfrench The drums in Roseanna are difficult as well. Rewarding when you finally nail it

New cinematic synthwave track "ITHINKITLLBEOK." by Artemesis #synthwave #retrowave #retro #edm

RT @tenderlove: Ruby is the first programming language I used at work that made me actually enjoy my job. I love being a Ruby programmer! #…

My wife requested a remix, so here it is! Hope you enjoy my twist on Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times. #formywife…

@sfrench I love that one

A functional programmer never hesitates to introduce another function if it promotes separation of concerns. Why do…

Radiohead Creep (Synthwave Cover)

Elixir is on google cloud platform! heyyyyooo #myelixirstatus

Airport hand soap smells awful