When you're heading home with a new toy
Lighting done!
Working on turning this burnt out linear accelerator into a decoration for @wayonaise
New whip
Oh Mexico. You are so cute
Recent pic of me
We made it to our third and final Mayan Rivera location
Last breakfast in our suite. Now, off to Playa Del Carmen!
Desayuno en la playa

I calculated wrong - sorry, I hit my head pretty hard. Here's the full scoop: Admitted through emergency entrance,… https://t.co/Y8vyxeuVCw

In case anyone was wondering, in Mexico, a couple of stitches and a prescription of amoxicillin costs $12 USD

This place is epic. The water is super clear, there's turtles swimming around, iganas overlooking everything - it's insane. Fun fact: The Mayans believed that cenotes were portals to the underworld and would often offer up sacrifices to appease the gods. Well, today I offered up a blood sacrifice as I hit my head pretty hard on a stalagtite, bled out for a bit and ended up getting two stitches at a Mexican hospital.
We had a new friend join us for dinner tonight
hola amigo, de esta manera para comida buena

@aaronpastle Weird tech interview

@Harry_Styles I remixed Sign of the Times into a synthwave track https://t.co/AJSwNtZYQR hope you dig it

Real jelly of the folks heading to @railsconf right now.

@pragdave How are you liking it so far?

@sfrench Inspired is not a term I would attach to kid rock

@sfrench The drums in Roseanna are difficult as well. Rewarding when you finally nail it

New cinematic synthwave track "ITHINKITLLBEOK." by Artemesis #synthwave #retrowave #retro #edm https://t.co/j537wzxs0v

RT @tenderlove: Ruby is the first programming language I used at work that made me actually enjoy my job. I love being a Ruby programmer! #…

My wife requested a remix, so here it is! Hope you enjoy my twist on Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times. #formywife… https://t.co/RX1DIqQpGt

@sfrench I love that one

A functional programmer never hesitates to introduce another function if it promotes separation of concerns. Why do… https://t.co/L9EzsFXRsi

Radiohead Creep (Synthwave Cover) https://t.co/E1K8AMRPWs

Elixir is on google cloud platform! heyyyyooo #myelixirstatus https://t.co/hg3yhJzmP2

Airport hand soap smells awful

Happy Friday My new track HWY80 is now available on Spotify and iTunes! Please pass it on https://t.co/geIzD8Razu #synthwave #80s