Feeling a bit melancholic tonight, so I decided to capture the mood with a melody. I think I'll turn this little sketch into a song
Wild JoJo spotting

@Harry_Styles I remixed Sign of the Times into a synthwave track https://t.co/AJSwNtZYQR hope you dig it

The original copper kettles at Anchor. Every batch is still handmade. No automation.

Real jelly of the folks heading to @railsconf right now.

Carpenter Brut slayed.

@pragdave How are you liking it so far?

@sfrench Inspired is not a term I would attach to kid rock

Off I go
Someone is spoiled

@sfrench The drums in Roseanna are difficult as well. Rewarding when you finally nail it

Finally got this old bird working
Dying. 🤣🤣🤣
@scott.d_apostrophe_antin was nice enough to get me an entire bottle. Thanks buddy!

New cinematic synthwave track "ITHINKITLLBEOK." by Artemesis #synthwave #retrowave #retro #edm https://t.co/j537wzxs0v

RT @tenderlove: Ruby is the first programming language I used at work that made me actually enjoy my job. I love being a Ruby programmer! #…

My wife requested a remix, so here it is! Hope you enjoy my twist on Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times. #formywife… https://t.co/RX1DIqQpGt

@sfrench I love that one

A functional programmer never hesitates to introduce another function if it promotes separation of concerns. Why do… https://t.co/L9EzsFXRsi

Radiohead Creep (Synthwave Cover) https://t.co/E1K8AMRPWs

Elixir is on google cloud platform! heyyyyooo #myelixirstatus https://t.co/hg3yhJzmP2

Airport hand soap smells awful

Happy Friday My new track HWY80 is now available on Spotify and iTunes! Please pass it on https://t.co/geIzD8Razu #synthwave #80s

RT @parkerwightman: Running 500+ @elixirlang (mostly) integration tests in under 4 seconds 👍

RT @knowledgebird: Everyone likes to diss process, but like I said to my kid today, you have to know the recipe before you can freestyle.

I wasn’t as active during my 2017 #YearInSport https://t.co/BCu9y24NgU time to make up for it!

RT @dhh: Make 2018 the year you decide to get calm. Stop smiling when you say "it's crazy at work". It doesn't have to be, and it's better…

RT @officialjaden: 2018 I'm Not Talking To Nobody.