Celebrating Eventbrite's IPO #EBgoeslive #nyse

@lacroixwater I can't be the only one that can't stand this. https://t.co/aKUJRuQ6mj

You know you love your job when you dream about working all weekend. #isittechnicallyovertime #newprojectsyoucompleteme

Here's to the big five Mason! Happy birthday!
Took Harper and Adriano out on the boat today

RT @igrigorik: "Google Search is now using Service Worker to cache repeated searches, loading results twice as fast": https://t.co/jDnrnIu2…

RT @eddiemeehan: Thank's @people for the feature. Pick me up in the check out lane - https://t.co/khelNn5eBF https://t.co/cgsSchNqO4

@rhea5ilvia Mine will say "Told you I was sick."

Added animation on scale/mode change, and added midi input processing. Sorry for the delay on the cam, it doesn't exist IRL
Yassss! Mason is on two wheels!

Crossing Souls is an amazing ride. Highly recommended https://t.co/zS3AzAoTXM

Proper separation of concerns does more for code quality and maintainability than anything else. This transcends la… https://t.co/VFtcpjMtdd

We are within arms of reach of being able to communicate all thoughts, feelings, and desires via gif animation. #whatatimetobealive

@smarty A horse is a horse

@_mattcarney Neeeeeeeeeeeeat

RT @atomicthumbs: A former Tesla employee, who worked on their IT infrastructure, is posting in a subforum of a subforum, a little-known pl…

Any pixel artists out there that want to help with a game project? #pixelart

I've been learning to play the piano along with producing and one of the things that annoys me is the constant need to reference all the different scales and modes. So, I built a prototype of a scale/mode/key helper that uses LEDs to guide you per-octave.

You know you're a dork when you dream that you're picking out a laptop.

RT @kylegriffin1: Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization CFO, granted immunity by prosecutors in Michael Cohen investigation - Dow Jones htt…

RT @Synthwavemotion: Artemesis & Kashmir11 ► Shine: https://t.co/BkvW9tuTdR via @YouTube

The future is SSSLCSS: Server side, server-less, cascading stylesheets #whichpackagemanageriscoolthisweek

Had an absolute blast with the kiddos out on the water today. Also, for the first time I docked perfectly without use of the boat hook! . . . #classicboat #woodenboat #sacramentoriver #imlearning

RT @OBEYGIANT: My #JohnnyCash at #FolsomPrison mural in the state Capitol #Sacramento is complete! This is my largest in #California and my…

Sometimes I mess around with making slappers
Took this little dude out for a lunch ride in Clementine #classicboat #woodenboat
I love waking up to a hot cup of "Te ✅ ple offee roasters" @templecoffee
I've been plotting on one of these Woodies for six years now. Today, I pulled the trigger. #centuryresorter #classicboat
Welp. Here's her new owners. Bye bye econobox