Da barn

RT @donleykogn: roses are red lawn grass is lime https://t.co/iLEDtQoJ5V

RT @pragdave: 1/2 Top-down functional programming means creating transformations to make state more granular, and other transformations to…

Big ups to @kiwicrate kids had blast building a rocket launcher!
We've been joking about this for years. Well today it finally happened. @jstnjns and @agentmc stomped my ass in some @queueapp kart racing
Ripped around with my homeboy @vish_and_chips89 for the last time before he leaves to get his masters in NJ. Have fun buddy! Don't forgot about us! #honda #cr85 #minimoto #minimotard
Final ride with @vish_and_chips89 before he leaves for New Jersey. Gonna miss you brother! 👦🏾👦🏾
Camping out with the fam
Until next time Tahoe! #missitalready
Making tie dye shirts with the kiddos

RT @MKBHD: I’ve watched this a couple times and it keeps blowing my mind: https://t.co/b850uuCpDS https://t.co/Evm7sNjoWx

RT @ElixirTip: Want a good Elixir exercise? Reimplement `GenServer` from scratch.

@MaxMaury34 Hopefully that works for you! :)

@MaxMaury34 You have to turn off Byte3 of the Data In part of LED_FLASH. https://t.co/8xcqJ7ND6p by changing the last hex value to 0x00

@MaxMaury34 Okay, so I don’t have one here to verify… After checking the datasheet https://t.co/zf7Uswj7NJ Page 22….

@MaxMaury34 possibly! I'd have to break out the data sheet and look

First time this #yamaha #RD400 has ran since it came apart. Restoration is nearly complete
Goodbye old yellow. It's been awesome! #vannin #vanspotting
Probably the last weekend with this beast. It's been a good ride, but it's time to move on. #vannin
Little bit of ghetto poking through the beauty. #vannin #vanspotting
🏆 Congratulations little one! On to elementary school! 🏆

Don't mind me, I just like drinking pool water. https://t.co/8pg46wOBdS https://t.co/WXsTDZ90xH

Ecto 2.0 is making me really wish I could use elixir for day to day work. https://t.co/srltsor2ma

RT @mfpiccolo: Mutability increases complexity by adding the dimension of time to all objects. Paraphrasing @josevalim @_bikeshed

Building a Trello clone with React + Phoenix https://t.co/eSItXH1lBF

RT @tenderlove: Bad news: Trump is probably going to be our next president. Good news: my shares of Brawndo are going to skyrocket.

Why choosing a popular new language like Elixir makes it easier to hire developers. https://t.co/iJIMEChtAG

@typeoneerror unless I'm misunderstanding you... something like this? https://t.co/yK3KluJaFA