Spied this bad ass second gen today. #econoline #vannin #vanspotting

Booty booty booty booty, rockin' errywhere

Lowered just a few inches to get a nice slightly tucked stance. Thanks Sacramento Spring! #econoline #classics #vannin

The Wrong Abstraction — Sandi Metz https://t.co/tI8DitOBEu

Hey… we made a thing! Official Eventbrite Ruby SDK. https://t.co/Dt1Lt7V24g @miloops @derpingtondurp

@websolrstatus our indexes appear to be down, and there is no status updates on your site... What is going on?

First sunny day in what seems like forever, so I decided to give Herbie a bath. #vannin #econoline #classics

RT @jpbrammer: "look at all of these paid protestors smh" - King Louis XVI as the mob carries him to the guillotine

Jojo loves Violet's new teepee

Error Handling in Elixir Libraries https://t.co/x17lZwzhPh

Your next American world champion #motogp2031
@jenn.franco killing it with the puppet show action
Art installs on point.

RT @RiotFest: Back in my day "Milo Goes To College" was just an album. https://t.co/Ezowu3OB31

I got Herbie some new shoes! #econoline #vannin

How Discord handles push request bursts of over a million per minute with Elixir’s GenStage https://t.co/dZWO5JUeAn

RT @kyleve: when ur buddy approves ur pull request https://t.co/9DiR5waZFP

https://t.co/1v0OYWoS9E v0.2.2 updated to Elixir 1.3

All packed up to ride around the #sutterbuttes
Made a teeny tiny batch of kimchi with @jstnjns and @iamdaniellejones tonight. #NBD

With capslock remapped to esc, and a good vimrc, you can do anything.

Head down, elbows out

Why Functional Programming Matters by John Hughes at Functional Conf 2016 https://t.co/UGKDi5rBfh

RT @SlexAxton: An official statement from Exxon on Rex Tillerson's appointment states that they are "not losing a CEO, but gaining a secret…

Hey @GoZwift how about letting us know which way is a climb, trying to do miles, not trying to climb a 9% grade for 30 mins.

RT @illiam_william: Yes. His metalfours absolutely go over my head, noodle brain.

RT @dashachasha: Where? "@datboimarvgo: Tryna take u to Benny Hondas boo"

RT @CD_Mojica: It is currently 47 degrees, but it feels like 41 degrees with the windshield factor. It's supposed to drop to 43 degrees by…

RT @xtinytoadx: > -40°F windshield factor > school delayed 2 hours #GrowingUpInMinnesota

Just saw a lady picking her nose like she was trying to find the heart of the ocean, while wearing what appeared to be a weather balloon.